In Steel 50 mm
In Cast Iron 60 mm
Tapping Capacity
In Steel 56 mm
In Cast 70 mm
Boring Capacity
In Steel 90 mm
In Cast 110 mm
Spindle Tapper MT-5
Drilling Depth 325 mm
Spindle Feeds 6/0.12 To 1.2 mm/rev.
Spindle Speed 12/40 TO 2100RPM
Spindle Diameter 81.8 mm
Spindle Diameter 81.8 mm
Drill Power 4.8 Hp
Arm Elevating Motor Power 2 Hp
Arm Elevating Motor Power 2 Hp
Arm Elevating Motor Power 2 Hp
Coolant Pump Motor Power 0.15Hp
Box-Table 600mmX500mmX500mm
Drilling Radius Max./Min. 1500mm/530mm
Distance from Column to Spindle Max. / Min. 1325mm/355mm
Max. Drilling Head Travel 970mm
Distance from base to spindle Max. /Min. 1450mm/385mm
Working Surface of Base Plate L 1490mm/W910mm
Swing of Arm 1860mm
Overall Height of the Machine 2790mm
Approximate Net Weight 3500Kgs.
Case Dimensions 2810x1280x2983mm

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