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Heavy Duty All Geared Radial Drilling Machine (Model: SER-60/1700)

We would like to take this opportunity in introducing “SIDDHAPURA ENTERPRISE” (ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company), as one of the leading manufacturer of Radial & Pillar type Drilling Machine in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, INDIA. SIDDHAPURA ENTERPRISE is a leading global name in the drill industry. SIDDHAPURA ENTERPRISE aims at creation of wider industry platform in the manufacture of drilling machines in wider ranges in mutual benefit between supplier and buyer maintaining service, help and closer links.

Design Feature :
» Made of high quality fine grain cast-iron with heavy-duty ribbing to ensure extremely low vibration.
» Oil-bath lubricated gearbox with oil pump·
» Easily accessible
» Massive & Rigid construction
» Auto/Manual Feed option
» Machine can perform in drilling, tapping, reaming and boring
» Gears used in this machine are made from Cr-Mn material and complete with hardening and grinding process.
Standard Accessories
Complete Electrical with 5hp 1400 & 2800 RPM for spindle drive & 2 hp 1400 RPM for elevator with wiring., Drill Chuck & Arbor, Oil Can, Drill Drift Key
Extra Accessories
Box-Table(600x500x500mm), Coolant Pump, Machine Lamp, Drill Vice, Morse Taper Reduction Sleeve, Morse Taper Extension Socket

Drilling Capacity
Drilling (M.S) 60 mm
Drilling (C.I) 70 mm
Tapping (M.S) 48 mm
Tapping(C.I) 50 mm
Boring(M.S) 90 mm
Boring(C.I) 110 mm
Drilling Head
Spindle Tapper MT-5
Drilling Depth 340 mm
Spindle Speed 8
Speed Range 30 to 1300
No of Spindle Feeds 6
Feed Range 0.06 to 0.5 mm/rev.
Drill Power 5 Hp
Arm Elevating Motor Power 2 Hp
Coolant Pump Motor Power 0.15Hp
Column Dia. 350
Drilling Radius Max./Min. 1700/500
Distance from Column to Spindle Max /Min 1525/325
Max. Drilling Head Travel 1200
Distance from base to spindle Max /Min 1450/550
Vertical Travelling of Arm 850
Working Surface of Base Plate Max /Min 1500X920
Box-Table ( At Extra Cost) 600X500X500
Swing of Arm 360o
Overall area of base plate (L X W X H) 2260X1080X230
Overall Dimensions Of Machine (L X W X H) 2450X1120X3000
Approximate Weight 3800 Kg.